Zone 1 Civil & Electrical Works.


Client: Atlantis Special Economics Zone
Completion: December 2024

The work to be carried out for ASEZ Zone 1 Infrastructure will include, but is not limited to the works as is described below.

  • Site clearance and demolishing of structures.
  • Extensive bulk earthworks across the site including straw stabilisation.
  • Installation of a gravity sewer reticulation network which connects into the existing sewer network.
  • Installation of potable water reticulation network which connects onto the existing water reticulation system.
  • Installation of a fire water tank and pump system including pump house building and water reticulation pipe network for fire water and irrigation water to each individual erf.
  • Installation of a stormwater drainage system including an underground pipe system to drain stormwater runoff from the roadways, a swale system to drain stormwater runoff from the individual erven as well as within the roadways, interconnected with a detention pond system which overflows into the existing stormwater system.
  • Construction of asphalt surfaced roads including all layer works, kerbing and channelling, brick paved sidewalks and cycle lanes, and all other related road ancillaries.
  • Installation of telecommunication and electrical sleeves.
  • Installation of electrical infrastructure including low and medium voltage electrical reticulation and streetlights.
  • Installation of CCTV infrastructure.
  • Installation of Solar infrastructure.
  • Installation of landscape components including irrigation.

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