The wheels are in motion.

The Atlantis Special Economic Zone’s (Asez) first phase was officially launched on Monday, 5 June, by several high-ranking officials.

The event was attended by, among others, the Premier of the Western Cape, Alan Winde; Mireille Wenger (provincial minister of finance and economic development), James Vos (City of Cape Town mayoral committee member for economic growth), and local ward councillors Allister Lightburn and Moosa Raise, as well as members of the community.

Construction work has already begun, meaning “the project is one step closer to making a difference in Atlantis,” Winde said in his speech. “The project has reached a critical milestone in our joint efforts to make the province energy resilient and thereby create economic opportunities for local residents,” the Premier told guests.

“This project contributes to the province’s growing skills development capacity, which is the key to equipping people with the necessary skills to benefit themselves, their families, and their communities,” Winde said.

Winde thanked all the stakeholders who made the milestone possible and encouraged everyone to do even more: “Let us now build on this to ensure that Atlantis realizes its full potential for the benefit of all its residents,” Winde concluded.

Wenger, in turn, said that with the tremendous potential of the green economy and the urgent need for power, local development is exactly what is needed. She believes job creation is necessary, and the development is part of the new economic growth strategy, “Growth for Jobs.”

According to Wenger, the Asez, with its green technology, export-oriented manufacturing hub, and great potential in green manufacturing opportunities, is an important part of the government’s green technology plan.

Vos said the City is proud to be part of an initiative that will help meet the metro and province’s existing and future energy needs.

According to Matt Cullinan, the CEO of Asez, the project and Asez are already making a difference and can only improve further. “Success can be ensured through collaboration between all stakeholders and the community,” he said.

Local councillors Allister Lightburn and Moosa Raise express excitement for the project’s prospect.

The first three local contractors have already been appointed, with one having completed its project and the second one still in progress.